We understand that caregivers of Toddlers must continue to provide a safe, responsive, consistent, loving and supportive environment. Our toddlers are busy mastering walking, running, and other gross and fine motor skills in a classroom designed to encourage independence and socialization. Here, they begin to establish friendships and self-help skills such as dressing themselves and eating with utensils, and their language skills develop rapidly! Toddlers begin to show a genuine interest in other children but their play is characteristically parallel rather than interactive. Our teachers are trained to guide them through choosing an activity that interests them and then
allowing them to explore independently. They gain confidence by using their words and thoughts to interact in a group setting. Their day is filled with hands-on activities that are engaging and interesting to active toddlers. They have many activities to choose from such as building, painting, sand and water play, play dough, and housekeeping. Our Toddlers are assigned a primary caregiver to assist with all of their individual needs and their schedule is still based on their unique feeding and sleeping schedule.