Instructions for Admission
Hoboken Little School

Please review the following enrollment options to ensure that HLS offers an opportunity that works for your family.

Full-time Enrollment: Monday thru Friday, 7am-7pm
Tuition: $2400/month

Part-time 2 day Enrollment: 2 full days, 7am-7pm
Tuition: $1800/month

Part-time 3 day Enrollment: 3 full days, 7am-7pm
Tuition: $1950/month

For the Part-time 2 or 3 day enrollment option:
Days will be agreed upon between you and HLS &
will not change from week to week or month to month.

If you are looking for immediate enrollment
(within 60 days from today)
Click Here

If you are looking for enrollment more than 60 days from today
Click Here

Upon receipt of your application, you will be contacted by a member of our Management Team who will assist you with the admissions process. While admissions is very important to us, our primary priority is to the children and families already enrolled at HLS. Therefore, during busy times, it is not uncommon for response times to be delayed. Thank you for understanding!

Please note: HLS does not charge any fees for submission of the Admissions Application or the Wait list Application.