Quick Facts

Our hours of operation are from 7am-7pm, Monday-Friday.

HLS will provide organic whole milk, breakfast, lunch and snack 5 days per week. Parents are responsible for bringing dinner, or a snack for the child to eat during dinner time, 5 days per week.

HLS serves food to children 12 months and older only after permission is given from the parents. Parents of children under 12 months of age provide all bottles and food given to the baby while in our care.

Parents provide bed linens (which are taken home on Friday to be washed and brought back on Monday), diapers and wipes, lotions/ointment, bibs, bottles, sippy cups. The classroom teachers will notify parents if additional diapers, wipes or other supplies are needed and parents bring them the next day. The Parent Handbook will provide a list of necessary supplies broken down by class

HLS’s Ratios by room:

Infant/Older Infant Rooms: 1 teacher to 3 babies
Toddlers/Older Toddlers: 1 teacher to 4-6 children
Pre-School: 1 teacher to 6 children

Classroom teacher to student ratios meet or surpass state guidelines