The Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum has been chosen for our Infants and Toddlers by our team of experienced educators to guide the teachers through lesson implementation and assessment. According to, the Creative Curriculum is “the country's leading scientifically based, comprehensive curriculum for programs serving children from birth to age 5

Our Pre-School Curriculum

The Funshine Express Curriculum has been chosen for our Pre-School Program by our team because of the child centered nature and way that it supports teachers by giving them lesson ready resources which enables them to concentrate on lesson implementation and assessment. We also continue to put some of the Creative Curriculum theories into practice because of how it intends to develop the whole child, not just academically.

Both The Creative Curriculum and Funshine Express support our educational philosophy that teachers play an important role in the education of young children. It emphasizes the four core areas (reading, math, science and social studies) to encourage a solid foundation for learning and social-emotional development.
The curriculums offer endless possibilities for learning- from helping the teachers develop age appropriate activities and routines to outlining essential assessment procedures that drive instruction, both of our curriculums are known for getting children ready for school.We have carefully evaluated them and have trained our teachers accordingly. We have confidence that these efforts will be apparent in your child’s growth and progress throughout our program.

As far as the educational standards go at HLS, we have high expectations for our teachers and students. I think that the biggest compliment I get from parents is that they love our curriculum and are thrilled with their child's progress. I often hear that they see a huge difference in terms of their child's skills and development as opposed to children that attend other centers. I believe that this is mostly due to the fact that I am a teacher by trade. I do not treat HLS as a business. I run it as a school. Together with my Program Directors who also have degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education, I focus a lot of my attention to the classroom lead teachers and the lesson planning, the implementation of the curriculum and the assessment of our children. I use that assessment to drive instruction. I am also a mom and what I would want for my own child, gets brought to HLS- an effective and engaging curriculum loaded with fun and age appropriate activities, extracurricular activities such as music, dance, yoga, soccer and art classes. I keep my student to teacher ratios low so that the children get more individualized attention and can benefit from small group instruction. I take pride in knowing that our kids are not only nurtured and cared for in a safe, loving environment but that they are truly learning and growing each day.
Kristie Pasculli, Director

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